| What is digital marketing ?

To make your business a brand in the online world is known as digital marketing.

The ways for creating brand can be Website, E-mail, Social Media, Google Ads and many more.
Digital Marketing in Surat

4.2 Crore INR Added

by our graduates to Digital India’s GDP every Month.

Why digital marketing ?

People are spending more time on internet rather than giving their priceless time to their friends and family, so we can utilize their presence on internet by approaching with our products and service.

Most of the people prefer the product that is highlighted in internet, so the chances are more to sell our products and services via Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Course in Surat

By supporting Skill India Development, MyPrachar offers A to Z process of making your business a brand by digital marketing course to Students, Businessman or an Entrepreneurs.

If you want to learn all the fundaments of digital marketing in detail and from well experienced person, MyPrachar will be the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Surat.

Course Modules

You’ll learn 8 different modules that are the main pillars of digital marketing that are mentioned as follow,

1. Website Planning and Creation

How to create stunning website for your business?
Which are the Types of websites?
What is a domain?
What is hosting?

2. Email Marketing

What is E-mail marketing?
Types of E-mail marketing?
E-mail Open and Read reports
Auto responders

3. Lead Generation

What is Lead generation?
Landing Page & Thank You page creation

4. Google Ads

All algorithms of google ads till today
Search Campaign
Display Campaign
Universal App Campaign
Video Campaign
Shopping Campaign

5. Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?
How to link our website with Google Analytics?
Generate different-different reports
Goal Creation
Sitemap and Google Webmaster tool

6. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
YouTube Channel creation
YouTube Video Uploading & YouTube SEO

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is search engine optimization?
Types of SEO
How SEO works?
Fundamentals of SEO

8. E-Commerce Marketing

Google merchant center account creation
Linking merchant center account with google ads
Shopping campaign for products
SEO of an E-commerce website

Additional things to learn in the course

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

The trainer will share all the knowledge he has like Image Creation, Video Making, Earning with Youtube, Earning with Online Sources and many more.

Course duration

It will take

1 to 1.5 month

of yours to make you a DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT.
MyPrachar provides best digital marketing course in surat,

You know why?

Maximum 2-3 students are there for each batch of digital marketing so each Student can be trained personally and query solving becomes more easier.